Happy Students

Our child has studied under Frank Horvat for the last five years and we would, without hesitation, recommend him as a teacher.

He establishes a strong foundation in the fundamentals of piano as well as exhibiting patience, kindness, knowledge of piano skills and a strong commitment to the development of students with well-rounded piano playing skills.

One of the things we have enjoyed over the last few years is the song selection from the various books she has practised from. Her programme has been varied, challenging and extremely enjoyable to listen too.

Again, our highest recommendation for Frank and his skills as a teacher.

Yours Sincerely,
Elizabeth Sellwood
Ron Sellwood

When we moved to Toronto, we searched carefully to replace our daughter’s beloved former piano teacher. As a musician and music teacher myself, I was looking for someone who could develop her piano technique, nurture her interpretive ability, encourage her creativity, expand her musical horizons, be firm with her and allow her to have fun. A tall order indeed, but in Frank Horvat, we have found everything we were hoping for, and more.

Frank’s well-organized, carefully thought-out and structured approach can provide a sound foundation for any student. However, he is also flexible and willing to adjust to the needs and desires of the individual. He is a versatile musician, able to share his understanding of a wide variety of styles with his students. His ability to teach composition, improvisation and advanced theory also sets him apart from most other piano teachers.

Perhaps most important, though, is the obvious pleasure Frank takes in getting to know his students as individuals and in sharing the love of music with each of them. We feel very fortunate to have “found” him, and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone looking for a new teacher.

Sincerely, Lorelyn Morgan

Comments from an adult student… I took piano lessons for two years as a child – then Professor Blaine and I gave up on each other. I can remember my mother saying to me, “you’ll be sorry when you grow up!” She was right, and, at 60, I decided to try again.

Unlike the Professor, Frank Horvat is kind, imaginative, encouraging and meticulous (though I say what’s a beat missing here and there!). He is also reliable and flexible if there is a piece of music you really can’t stand to hear or to play.

Trying something new and difficult when you’re older can be frustrating and awkward. But with Frank, it’s a pleasure and an enriching experience!

Joan K. Lewis

Frank Horvat was a teacher at Regent Park School Of Music; a school that provides affordable lessons for the families of the Regent Park neighbourhood in Downtown Toronto. In the 5 years in which I have worked with Frank, he has distinguished himself as an excellent teacher of piano, theory and computer music. He is extremely conscientious, well-organized, responsible, punctual and completely reliable.

On a weekly basis, he has taught 32 students ranging from the youngest beginners to university-aged adults. He carefully assesses each student’s individual needs and puts much effort into finding appropriate teaching materials for each of them. Frank’s students respond to his dedication and obvious love of music with excellent results at examinations and music festivals and in thoroughly prepared performances at recitals.

Also, Frank has worked diligently to make our summer programs a great success. He helped to design our month-long music day camp which concentrates on music theatre and composition, and his boundless energy and creativity has been a welcome addition to our week-long overnight music camp in the countryside.

On his own initiative, Frank continues to explore new teaching materials and techniques and is consequently an increasingly valuable resource for me and the school.

Bernard Farley
Former Director, Regent Park School of Music